“The unique Sentrad Waking Watch Service is AD Construction Group’s response to the question of how to give clients a complete beginning to end solution that protects both the residents and the clients' interests"



Until now, when a building has been opened up and the resulting survey has identified the need for urgent remedial works to make a property safe for residents, when a stay put policy is no longer valid, our clients have been forced to look elsewhere for waking watch schemes or waking watch services that are provided independently from any planned common fire alarm installations. Our private and public sector partners have shared their concerns regarding the quality of some of these services and the disruption, inefficiencies and inflexibility faced when implementing a waking watch, or a combination of fire detection and alarm systems with additional waking watch support.


After listening to the many valid concerns of our clients regarding the unsatisfactory provisions of building safety services, i.e. the lack of accountability in relation to third-party Waking Watch services, cost effective simultaneous evacuation strategies, Temporary and Permanent Fire Alarm Installations, Fire Door Inspection and Maintenance regimes,  AD Construction Group decided to create an internal division to focus on providing these services reliably in the AD way -  "Sentrad" offers this solution.

Sentrad is dedicated solely to offering our private and public sector partners a range of integrated services; with a focus on better levels of protection, improved service provision, and clearer accountability; resulting in far better value without any compromise.

We believe the best way to achieve the highest level of satisfaction, is to offer a fully adaptable Waking Watch service and/or a programme for common fire alarm installation, that utilises our experience and long track record of working with our clients and residents. This is an integral part of the entire remedial workflow, driven by AD staff at every step of the process from beginning to end.

A Better Waking Watch Solution

Sentrad (a division of AD Construction Group) promises to offer a higher quality Waking Watch service geared towards protecting the interests of our long-standing clients.

When our Waking Watch services form part of the complete contractual delivery process* (see below) we can deliver an even greater level of value, flexibility, and high-quality work for our public sector partners.

A fully versatile and scalable waking watch service that works to facilitate and support the scheduled installation of cost effective fire alarm solutions, demonstrates to our clients that the Sentrad solution is about delivering value and finding solutions.

Sentrad is an additional service that provides greater accountability.

As a division established to providing solutions to clients' problems, Sentrad works alongside other departments within AD, specifically the Contract Management teams and SHEQ Department to continually mitigate and resolve our clients' FRA issues.

This means that we are constantly self-auditing our quality of service, ensuring we are consistently delivering to and beyond the high standards set within the company.

Standards our clients know they can trust.

Improved Project Management

Once a building has been assessed, AD Contract Managers will bring their Sentrad colleagues on board at the earliest opportunity to work with them and the clients in managing all aspects of the project through to completion.

Improved Quality of Service

Throughout the process, the Sentrad team will not only be accountable to the Client, the Responsible Persons and the Residents, but also to their Contract Managers and CSR colleagues to ensure standards remain high.

Improved Completion Times

With all AD departments and personnel collaborating throughout the process and continually working to a shared and predefined schedule, using Sentrad for waking watch will reduce down time and deliver projects in a timely fashion.

Improved Costing & Transparency

With greater emphasis on transparency recently announced in the Government’s Social Housing White Paper, we believe that our tailored waking watch solutions offer unparalleled levels of transparency and cost effectiveness.

Improved Resident Support

AD Group has prided itself on an ethos of balancing resident’s concerns with delivering the best work to property for our clients and we see a waking watch service as no different. All waking watch staff are trained to this same standard.

Improved Safety and Responsiveness

Our reputation for a commitment to clients and residents means that we have a vested interest in always maintaining the highest standards in safety and responsiveness. This means we will continually strive to deliver a quality waking watch service.